Google Chrome searches get smarter with these 4 new features

Google Chrome is a very popular browser on all internet-supported devices, including smartphones, personal computers, TVs, and many more. All the popularity lies in its UI, which makes it very user-friendly without any interruptions from annoying preloaded things. To enhance the search experience, Google has rolled out a new version of Chrome.

Google Chrome will understand the context and give you ideas for future searches

According to the information, the latest update of Chrome has been packed with four new features that will be available for all smartphone users, like when the users are on any particular site and tap on the address bar, they will get relevant search suggestions.

Trends will be even more trending

The second new feature is the ability to view trending searches directly from the Google Chrome address bar. It will help the users get in touch with popular things going on around the world.

Related searches of ‘Touch to Search’ will now be more complete and accessible

And again, the team of developers of the Mountain View giant decided to improve the Tap to Search functionality, enriching it with the ability to use it to perform related searches (this through a convenient carousel menu).

Ten suggestions are better than six suggestions

Lastly, the new update also carries an improvement in the system of suggestions provided when typing text in the address bar. Now when the users type anything in the address bar, they will get 10 suggestions instead of six. The list will be sorted from the most relevant to the least relevant.

All these features have already been rolled out globally, and most of the users got access without installing the new update of the app. However, if you are one of those who didn’t get any of the new features, you can check if your device got any new updates from the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can also try the latest versions of Google Chrome for Android by going to the link.

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