Android 14 Health Connect Migration Breaks App Syncing

Google’s Health Connect program aims to make it simple to share the top Android health and fitness applications with your measured fitness statistics and other health indicators. Even Though the software has had a number of improvements since its introduction in November 2022, it still has a long way to go. Google will be including Health Connect in Android 14 to achieve this. Several health-related applications appear to be having issues with Google’s early Health Connect conversation process.

The firm has now begun the transition of Health Connect from the Play Store build to the system version, as the OS is almost ready for general release. A new built-in settings version of Health Connect for Android 14 is being migrated by Google, as shared by Mishaal Rahman on his X (Twitter) handle. Users of Pixel devices running Android 14 Beta 5.1 who try to couple applications like Whoop and Withings with Health Connect are presented with a notice indicating that the relevant apps need to be updated because the Health Connect app is being integrated with the Android system.

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To outperform the health app on the iPhone, the objective of the firm is to compete. Google has decided to incorporate Health Connect into Android 14 as a result. It appears to be nearing being made public. Compared with the previous update, Android 13 was made available in the period around August, so we can expect the update anytime from now on. Health Connect is now transitioning from its Play Store model to a system version under the brand.

Additionally, users are encouraged to delete the Play Store version of Health Connect in order to use its features from inside the settings since Google is merging Health Connect into the OS itself. Mishaal added that it is advised to finish your data transfer before deleting the Play Store version. Users’ health-related data won’t be synchronized if they don’t update.

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