Samsung announced the launch of Samsung Food, a personalized, AI-powered food and recipe platform

The cutting-edge, AI-powered food and recipe platform Samsung Food has been unveiled by Samsung. The way users interact and interact with meal planning and preparation on this platform is expected to change. As a specialised culinary aid, it provides a vast library of more than 160,000 recipes. In addition to helping users find new meals, the platform also helps users make personalised meal plans and place online orders for goods. The Personalise Recipe feature in Samsung Food allows the app’s Food AI to immediately alter a stored recipe to better suit the user’s dietary needs.

Users will even be able to modify the skill level or cook time of recipes, as well as develop fusion recipes, such as Korean iterations of Italian cuisine. By sharing their favorite dishes with the community, posting their own recipes, and following their favorite food content producers, users can easily become social with Samsung Food. Released in eight languages and available in 104 nations, this personalized assistant aids users in learning new recipes, creating custom meal plans, and placing online orders for ingredients along with the step-by-step cooking instructions.

Samsung Food will be able to recognize food products and meals snapped through the camera and deliver facts about them, including nutrition information, thanks to Vision AI technology, which is scheduled for deployment in 2024. The program can analyze food products, suggest the best recipes to use them with, store these recipes in the user’s library, and add the necessary ingredients to a shopping list, all with a few simple touches. Customers may use their Bespoke Family Hub refrigerators to access the Samsung Food Service in addition to mobile devices.

Samsung Developer Conference 2023 will kick off on October 5

Samsung Food, which can be accessed through the Family Hub touchscreen, offers recipe suggestions based on a user-managed list of the foods that are currently available. Exclusive features such as recipe discovery and personalization, customized meal planning, connected cooking, and social sharing capabilities support customers at every stage of the meal-planning and cooking process. The software generates AI-generated suggestions based on user data, dietary preferences, and preferred cuisine types to build personalized daily meal plans for users along with their suggestions.

With linked cooking, users may utilize step-by-step guided cooking modes on their portable devices to set timers, pre-heat ovens, and transfer the cooking settings for recipes directly to appliances. Further, Chanwoo Park, Executive Vice President and Head of the Service Biz Group of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics, shared, The food we enjoy and the way we prepare it are central to our daily lives, and we all love to cook and eat together. By connecting digital appliances and mobile devices across the Samsung ecosystem and assisting users from shopping list to dinner plate, Samsung Food is using advanced AI capabilities to deliver a highly personalized, all-in-one food experience that users can control straight from their palms.”

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