Galaxy S25: Samsung’s Masterpiece of 2025

Samsung’s Galaxy S series has truly become a popular flagship among the public, and the firm knows it. After the tremendous success of the Galaxy S23 series, now we are expecting the Galaxy S24 series, which may debut in the first quarter of 2024. It is also said that for a greater sale, they may arrive early. However, this is not it, as we know the Galaxy S25 series is in the lineup. You may wonder how long the manufacturer wants to take the Galaxy S series. We have an answer for this, as Samsung indirectly gave a response from their side.

The business has already begun the paperwork for this phone to protect the brand name from infringement, according to the source, GalaxyClub. The brand name Galaxy S25 is already being registered by the firm. Every market follows a particular step-by-step procedure for this process. The UK, EU, or South Korea itself frequently see initial orders, and it is notable that the name Galaxy S25 has previously been registered, and this time it’s in Mexico. The description holds the name “teléfonos inteligentes,” which refers to smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S25 could use Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chip

This is quite surprising; for instance, the Galaxy S25 series will debut somewhat around 2025, so this is a quick action, and the firm always does this for their anticipated models. For example, we saw a long time ago that South Korean tech had already registered the name of the Galaxy S24 series. Not only this, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 7 were registered last week, and these two foldables are also expected to be release around 2025 or later. So it is clear that the firm has longer plans for the Galaxy S series, maybe for several years.

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