Samsung Video Library App Receives An Update Before Being Discontinued

Samsung has recently announced that it will discontinue the support of the video library for the upcoming Android 14 and One UI 6, which means you will not get the services of the application when you update your Galaxy device to the coming major OS. And a week after the announcement, the company released a new update for Video Library, which is probably the last update for the application.

Samsung Video Library App update

Samsung has rolled out a new update for the Video Library, and it comes with the version number However, Samsung hasn’t unveiled anything about the update, which means it may not carry any significant changes, but it may include some fixes that bring improvements in the performance of the app and also make it more stable.

It is also worth noticing that Samsung has limited it to the Galaxy devices, which are running on Android 6 to Android 13. While the devices that have already registered and installed the One UI 6 beta update will not be able to get the update,

One UI 6 update eligibility list: Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets

What is the Samsung Video Library?

The video library is an application that is dedicated to managing videos. Users can easily browse and play video content, and it provides a clear and straightforward layout when you select a Samsung video player for playing video clips with a seamless user experience.

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