The Major Change In Samsung’s Top Leadership [NEWS]

This news will surely impact the smartphone and electronics industry overall. There has been a major change in Samsung’s top leadership the previous Thursday. Samsung heir and VP Lee Jae yang will be visiting the Netherlands for an m&a deal with a dutch semiconductor equipment manufacturer ASML and a probable meeting with traditional chip-making giants like Infineon Technologies and STMicroelectronics.

ASML is also the sole supplier of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photolithography machines(PL), essential to nano-meter chip-scale fabrication in the foundry business. It will be tough because ASML is also facing issues with manufacturing EUV PL machines due to a shortage of components. He will also be meeting the CEOs of Intel and Qualcomm.Lee had already accomplished this task previously when he returned with EUV equipment in October 2020. Read about Samsung investments and the shortage of sc devices here.

As for other developments, Samsung has replaced the head of the semiconductor research and development center. Reshuffled major executives of the foundry business

  • Starting with Song Jae-Hyuk as head of the SemiConductor R&D center. Hyuk has been credited for shifting to vertical NAND drives and super-stacked NAND drives. NAND(Not And) drives take less space and don’t require power to store data as non-volatile.
  • Another major change would be Nam Seok-Woo, VP of global manufacturing & infrastructure in the Semiconductor Business of the Device Solutions (DS) Division, heading the Foundry manufacturing business. He is also believed to be one of the best semiconductor process developers.
  • Yet another change is for Kim Hong Shik, VP of manual tech center, to lead the foundry tech innovation team.

To summarize, this reshuffle is to lead memory semiconductor experts leading the Foundry business, indicating that Samsung is trying to compete for Taiwan’s TMSC and manufacture and fabricate the first Gate All Around(GAA) based 3nm chips in June.

As we already know, Samsung has invested in the USA and Korea for the Foundry business. With all these M & M&A opportunities, it could change the future of the Foundry business, memory chip making, or a huge leap in technology and probably a leap in technology more affordable prices for top-notch tech.

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