Samsung Display Transfers Employees: Announce Retirement from LCD Display Production

Keeping in line with S.Korean media, SDC (Samsung Display Co.)on all counts is retiring from the LCD panel business this month. News is that 300 employees are expected to transfer to the semiconductor business as was expected, read here.

Samsung Electronics launched its LCD business in 1991 and beat Japanese competitors through slim LCD TVs. It ranked No. 1 in TV panels in 2008.

In the news in tech, the smartphone-making giant Samsung has decided to shut down its LCD-making business for 31 years.

Samsung has already put down the description of LCD tech on its website, a show of prowess in QD-OLED tech. Samsung will also relocate staff to the semiconductor or foundry division.

Samsung Electronic DS recruited about 200 in August & about 400 employees in December 2020 from SDC and other employees who want to shift; Samsung is facilitating interviews and procedures necessary.

As in the previous updates about SDC, employees have been spread around QD (Quantum Dot) OLED TV division, small to moderate-sized OLED line, and some to SC & Foundry business.

The shortage of components, extremely competitive prices, and a big decline in the LCD market are why Samsung currently withdrew from the LCD business.

SDS has been making LCDs for TVs since 2010, but after transporting its last major fabrication glass into its L8-2 line in its Asan campus in South Chungcheong Province, it has renounced this business.

You can read more about the news and events that led to this development here.

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