Galaxy S20 Series users faces display Problems: Vertical Lines Across The Display

According to users worldwide, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series devices are having troubles related to display problems.

On many forums, including the official Samsung communities and blogs on various social sites such as Twitter and Reddit, users post screenshots of their Galaxy S20 series device getting vertical lines. These lines occur in different colors, i.e., pink, green, and placement on the screen, in the middle or sides of the display screen.

Users said these lines make presents without any physical damage.

Also, they become more and more prominent over time.

This phenomenon started a few months ago but seemed to be in the limelight since a few weeks ago.

While most of these issues seem to be in Galaxy S20+ devices, users from different regions are complaining about the other two devices in the series, Galaxy S20 & Galaxy S20 Ultra.

This has made the device a potato or vegetable, as some users complain. After all, what’s a smartphone without a proper display. In this case, a very expensive one too.

Many customers claim that this problem arrived bundled along with the OTA update. However, different users are claiming other updates to be the source of the problem.

At this point, one can’t be sure if this issue is related to hardware or software problems, but it seems to be heavier on the software side as phones did run well until now.

A website called news9live claims to have contacted Samsung regarding this issue. Still, the company has not replied to or acknowledged this problem until this day, either to users or any media website.

We’ll have to wait and watch, until then, we will keep you updated. Here are some links to visit for more info about this problem & some user-posted screenshots.

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