Galaxy MWC Virtual Event: Untact Conference

Samsung Strategise to be more Economical & Productive with less expenditure.

Today on 28th June, Samsung Securities CEO Jang Seok-hoon held a meeting with the Samsung Securities‘ representative analysts to discuss being economical while increasing productivity through less expenditure. The conference starts at 5 pm on the 30th, S.Korea local time, and will focus on investment strategies according to the era of full-scale austerity after the US base rate hike.

The conference can be viewed on Samsung’s Youtube channel live and will be dubbed as Galaxy MWC Virtual Event: Untact Conference.

This meeting strategizes on how to coop up with the increasing price inflation and how to counter the current unstable economic conditions in the home market of S.Korea along with the foreign market in the individual sectors. There were three main topics, while the lecture was-

Lecture -Three key investment ideas for the second half of the year.

The Age of INSA-INSA is the premier intelligence and national security organization that provides a unique venue for collaboration, networking, and examination of policy issues and solutions.

BofA’s provocative market outlook -The Bank of America Corporation as Bank of America multinational investment bank and financial services holding company.
Participate in building the Tesla empire.

The talks were around the sectors that investors are interested in.

Samsung Securities CEO Hyo-Sun Jang, Global Equity Team Leader, Eun-Young Lim, Senior Research Fellow in charge of EV and Mobility, Myung-Ji Jeong, Head of Investment Information Team, and Jong-Wook Lee, Senior Research Fellow in charge of technology were to be present in it.

People can also view edited versions on the Samsung Securities YouTube channel ‘Samsung POP’ after the ‘Contact Conference’ live broadcast.

These lectures were a 10-minute Q&A session each. These sessions are part of the ‘Research Talk,’ a new service launched by Samsung Securities in April. Here exceptional online customers register for items of interest, sectors, and analysts through POP HTS, MTS (mPOP), etc.

According to the media, KB Securities Co., Ltd. provides financial services through the Orrak app, Hana Financial Investment produces financial consumer protection education content for the financially vulnerable, and Hi Investment & Securities was connected in this broadcast. Hi, Investments & Securities will open recruitment for new employees in 2022 to revitalize WM sales. WM sales group handles the field of recruitment.

As to the recent news, the rate-setting Federal Open Market Committee took the level of its benchmark funds rate to a range of 1.5%-1.75%, and this was at its peak before the Covid pandemic began in March 2020.

Samsung is trying to replan its investment strategies suitable for the era of full-scale austerity after the US base rate hike, including the collabs with TESLA and setting the parameters to utilize the current inflation and adverse economic conditions to its favor.
You can watch the conference through the below link.

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