Samsung X Starbucks: Coffee With Galaxy Series

Are you feeling bored and sleepy? If you are, then Samsung has pleasing news for you with the slogan ‘Count the stars in your Galaxy,’ complementing the newly released merchandise or accessories for the Galaxy S22 lineup & Galaxy Bus 2.

Today freshly in the morning, a latest comforting announcement was received that Samsung has teamed with Starbucks, and together they have released a whole range of accessories and products for the Galaxy S22 lineup and the Galaxy Buds 2.

This is fun, whimsical, and, yes, a tad bit heavier on the pocket side. But hey, If you own a Galaxy S22 series device or Galaxy buds 2, you probably have already invested a decent amount in those. Your device has probably become a part of your body now, ok that might be an exaggeration, but still, there are people who want to have fun and enjoyment by giving their device a fresh new feel from time to time.

So, if you are a coffee lover or, for that matter Starbucks fan (yeah, it sucks in some countries, but this is about S.Korea, almost everything is fun there, and also Starbucks logo is kind of cool), you can buy exclusive accessories-cases for your Galaxy S22 device and a complete new Galaxy Buds 2 cases in two variants. All of them have a design inspired by Starbucks.

The Merchandise: Cases & Covers

The G-Buds 2 Cases

The first variant of the Galaxy buds 2 is a dark sea-forest green color and has a Starbucks logo on it. It is kind of bland, but the color is attractive enough with the Starbucks logo on it. For some who want this version but don’t want it to be too fancy, this is perfect. Office-going people or people who want it semiformal or just casual will love it.

As for those who don’t mind a little show & boldness, there is another variant that will feature a design representing a little white mug/cup with a handle and mock coffee froth craft, whose top pirouettes to disclose the Galaxy Buds 2.

A little too cute for some people’s taste. It could be suitable for school-college younger people.
Although this case is so big, you can actually put the Buds charger inside it, and they don’t have any tech improvement over the regular G-Buds 2.

However, this merchandise will still attract people because fashion and fans don’t care about technical improvements. They care & are about style and statement. This is exactly pampering that feeling.

Galaxy S22 lineup Smartphone Covers

On the other hand, there are phone covers. These are four representations of these with from cloth cut finish with Starbucks logo on it, another one with a bill print, kind of sticking out on it, one with the slogan count stars in your galaxy yes of course with a star between the sentence and last one is just a teddy bear printed on it. They could cater to different ages & generations of people.


This is a good promotion strategy for Samsung & Starbucks and is breezy.

However, there is always a disappointing or sad side to any story, and here it is that tiny one with a big impact is that these mercs are only available in S.Korea, where mighty Samsung resides.

Samsung didn’t inform you if this merchandise comes across the world near your residence. More heartbreaking is that it’s in limited supply and exclusive to South Korea. So, fingers crossed, I hope for the best. Otherwise, you can always show off your Starbucks coffee with your usual office bag, newspaper, or laptop, whatever that is, or are you going to print/create your own. Well, it’s time for coffee, so bye-bye.

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