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Samsung Student Offer: Technology in Every Hand



Just in, today, Samsung has introduced a program where students can get benefits from ‘Exclusive Back to School Deals!’.

  • This program offers the following benefits :
  • Free home delivery from the Samsung Education store.
  • 0% installment up to 24 months.
  • Trade-in or exchange the current Samsung device.

If you have a Samsung education account, then shop directly from the store. If not, go to the Samsung education store & register for an account via submitting your details.

The store will then send the students a confirmation email on their student email address which has to be an ‘Edu. My’ portal. You can now enjoy shopping.

Devices Availability:

Currently, Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy S8 Ultra, Galaxy Buds 2, Galaxy Watch4, and Galaxy S22 series are featured & available in the store for a student discount. You have to hurry, though. Good deals do not last long.

Eligibility: Students who are present or newly-accepted full-time or part-time students and employees of eligible, accredited educational institutions in Malaysia who have a valid email address ending in ‘’ domain, as well as a Samsung Account are eligible.

Things to Keep in mind:

The plan is intended for individual use and not for business or resale purposes.

A limit of 2 products per product category per calendar year is established.

This program can benefit by empowering students with tablets, phones, wearables, and more & allow them to stay connected to the world and be more productive, also maximizing learning efficiency.

To enjoy benefits, use the code ‘EPPWELCOME5‘ for even more of an extra 5% discount on the first purchase along with the above-mentioned benefits.

This program is available in Malaysia only, but Samsung often introduces these programs in many other countries, so keep an eye out for deals in your region.

We have provided links below if you wish to shop or learn more.

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Samsung Galaxy Ring new features to be run on subscription model




Galaxy Ring android.

Samsung introduced its latest Galaxy wearable in the last Galaxy unpacked event, here we are talking about the Galaxy Ring. With this new gadget, the Korean giant has opened the door to innovation and convenience.

With the Galaxy Ring, Samsung is aiming to provide more comfort to track daily routine health changes without disturbing the regular lifestyle. For starters, the new Galaxy wearable can track various health-related factors including continuous sleep and heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, workout tracking, and more. But the question is “Do these features require any fees”?

During the Galaxy unpacked event, Samsung didn’t talk about any additional fees for using the Galaxy Ring features, nor did the company highlight any subscription model which indicates that you will not be required to pay any fee for using any feature at the moment.

But there is a twist, same as the case of Galaxy AI features where the company hasn’t publically spoken about the charges implemented on the features after 2025 and issued them in the document with a small font, the Galaxy Ring is also spotted to get some type of subscription model in the presentation slide.

However, if we observe the clause mentioned in the official presentation, which says there are no additional fees applicable to the current feature available on the Galaxy Ring, but the upcoming feature will be listed in the subscription, it means if the user uses any new feature on the Galaxy Ring then they will have to pay a certain amount

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Samsung Galaxy A55 gets July 2024 update in more countries



Galaxy A55

Samsung started rolling out the July 2024 update with the Galaxy A55, since then the company has already introduced the update to many devices in a lot of countries however still the company isn’t able to complete the update expansion to all the units of the Galaxy A55, and now the update is reached to Brazil.

Galaxy A55 gets July 2024 update in Brazil

Samsung Galaxy A55 started getting the July 2024 update in Brazil, it is coming with the firmware version number A556EXXS4AXF7. With the latest version, Samsung hasn’t brought any significant changes to the devices. It is expected to be available in more countries in the coming days.

However, with the latest update, it is expected that Samsung will improve the overall performance and stability of the devices. If you want to explore the July 2024 update you can check this article.

Moreover, if you are having any issues while using any functionality then you should check the latest update as it is expected that it will provide some improvement to the issues and provide more stability for them.

If you are using the Galaxy A55 device in Brazil then you can now install the latest update on your device by simply following these steps: First, go to the system settings open the software update menu, here tap on the download and install button, if it shows new update available then tap on the download button.

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Galaxy A54 getting a July 2024 update more widely in the US




Galaxy A54

The July 2024 update for the Galaxy A54 went live last week in the US, but it was limited to some carriers. Now, with the latest development, Samsung has started getting new updates on more units affiliated with more carriers.

More units of Galaxy A54 are getting a July 2024 update

Earlier this week, the Galaxy A54 grabbed the July 2024 security patch on two carriers, including Verizon and TracFone. Now, the update has been expanded to more carriers, including T-Mobile, MetroPCS, and USCellular, with the firmware version A546USQS8CXG2.

Meanwhile, the unlocked units of the Galaxy A54 are also getting the same update with the firmware version number A546U1UES8CXG2.

According to the official documentation, the July 2024 update will provide more than 60 patches. Google and Samsung have introduced many patches to enhance the security of their devices

With the July 2024 update, and your device will get the general enhancement of the security, providing more security for your data. Go to the software update menu through system settings to install the latest update.

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