What’s new features will be in One UI 5.0 and What should be?

First, One UI is a custom skin or a layer on the top of the Android OS, providing users with custom interactions.

When One UI 4.0 was released on Nov 15 at that time the flagship devices from Samsung 

The Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra were the first receiver, and then it was gifted to the Galaxy Z series. Samsung often does rigorous testing before releasing the stable version with the Android system.

This time will be no exception as OneUI is the USP-Unique Selling Proposition of the Korean giant.

One UI with Android 9 pie, Since its release after the announcement at Samsung’s developer conference in 2018 and unveiled in Galaxy Unpacked in February 2019, Samsung has come a long way from One Ui 1.0 to One UI 4.0 focuses on customization, privacy, and access to Samsung’s ecosystem.

Later One UI 4.1 and a special version for foldable 4.1.1 will release after this month.

Following the path, One UI 5.0 is said to be under development and would have a lot to offer.

We will discuss what new features will add to it and, of course, how the security 7 privacy will improve. There is also one catch, Samsung’s ecosystem, which consists of native apps and payments services. Samsung has been recently integrating its payment apps to grab on to their customers so that they don’t want to switch as they get comfortable.

According to the sources, One UI 5.0 will be out with a beta program in July-August this year and is expected to launch as a stable version in the last Q3 of 2022. This will follow the same pattern of being released yearly a new version.

It is expected that the upcoming flagship, the spiritual successor Galaxy S22 Ultra to the Galaxy Note series, will expand, and the new Galaxy S23 series will be amongst the first to get the OneUI 5.

However, it is a strong possibility that the foldable Z series could be the first to get it as its due to release in August later this year at Samsung’s unpacked event, even though the series could get a whole new system as its switches to the Android12L specially designed for foldable and tablets. Although, Samsung is yet to launch the Beta version first for users to test and give feedback.

What users have to say:

  • Fix the gesture animations.
  • Fix the shutter lag.
  • Provide better performance, better controls, more smart features like live text detection and selection, combined camera modes (pro photo and pro video combined, slow motion and super slow-mo combined, etc.), live view, and more.
  • Need improved shutter lag & animations.
  • Provide a more consistent experience on all devices.

What to Expect :

  • There are lots of speculations, but here are the expected features One UI 5.0 could get :
  • Samsung will revamp its animation engine to improve its performance with the OS.
  • The animations will be a lot smoother & faster.
  • The privacy and security will be improved even further, especially for the payments app.
  • Connectivity features such as BT, wi-Fi, and GPS positioning will be worked up to coordinate with the Ui even better.
  • Visuals and aesthetics would improve as it is an important aspect of having a custom UI over an OS.
  • It could get tweaked to work with the Android12L.
  • More shortcuts and camera features will be added to its flagship devices of Samsung.

To Summarize :

These are just speculations based on the information released so far. However, there is one strong possibility of the animations in the OneUI 5.0 getting better as they received a lot of negative feedback.

Samsung has been improving since the first UI & even before that, and people have high hopes for the One UI 5.0 too. According to the sources, it will all become clear later this year in August at the Samsung Unpacked Event or annual SDC 2022 developer conference around October 2022.