Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Verizon Update Accompanying Galaxy S21 Trio In USA: June 2022 Firmware

Verizon US posted that the Galaxy S22 series will get the latest update which will consist of Android™ Security Patch Level: July 2022. This update was named ‘System Update 6’ by Verizon for the series. The last update was seen on 13th June as ‘system update 5’.

Following are the three models for the Galaxy Trio and their updated Firmware build no. for Verizon :

  • SM-S901US S22 S901USQU2AVF7
  • SM-S906US S22 + S906USQU2AVF7
  • SM-S908US S22 Ultra S908USQU2AVF7

Verizon informed users that this software update provides performance improvements and the latest Android security patches for your device, accompanying three small improvements;

  • Performance improvements
  • The latest Android security patch
  • A new Wallpaper selection

As for the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the updated firmware no. Are;

  • G991U1UES5CVF5 for S21
  • G996U1UES5CVF5 for S21+
  • G998U1UES5CVF5 for S21 Ultra.

Update for Galaxy S21 trio brings security & privacy optimizations.

USA network carriers usually provide the software update to the users; unlike the unlocked smartphones where device manufacturers provide it, the carrier-locked smartphones get the software update after 3 step process:

Manufacturer testing, Internal Network Testing, and Regulatory approval. This takes a bit while than the regular OTA updates are released by the device manufacturers.

For being the forerunner and flagbearer of Samsung, the Galaxy S22 & S21 series are eligible for four years of major android and UI updates as per Samsung’s four-year software update policy.
According to Verizon, this software update has been tested to optimize device performance, resolve known issues and apply the latest security patches.