No Galaxy S22 FE But It’s Not Goodbye: Galaxy S23 FE Will Happen

The rumor first emerged in mid-June, and in the following weeks came more confirmations: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE won’t have an heir. Or, if you prefer, no Galaxy S22 FE will be launched in the coming months. The news had already begun to be debated, given that a premature abandonment of the FE series – launched in autumn 2020 with the Galaxy S20 FE, and therefore after just two generations – was not easy to predict.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE May Come Next Year:

According to Korean newspaper The Elec, in fact, the reason why there will be no Samsung Galaxy S22 FE is not to be found in tactical and strategic issues related to the catalog and internal competition between smartphones, but would instead be purely material.

Nor does it have anything to do with the fact that the Galaxy S21 FE arrived particularly late (it debuted on the market in January 2022, close to the launch of the Galaxy S22): simply the chip crisis prevents the Korean giant from securing a supply line for this new model, with the impossibility of procuring the necessary amount of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoCs to bring to all markets globally.

So if behind the forced choice to abandon the Galaxy S22 FE project there is not Samsung’s will, but a material impediment, has the FE series really already come to an end? The answer that comes from The Elec is no: by the end of next year, therefore, the launch of the Galaxy S23 FE is already planned.