Samsung Opens A Separate Page For One UI 5.0

Samsung community is a page where you can share your feedback and responses to problems other users have posted and communicate directly with the moderators & admin.

Samsung has a vast range of devices varying from Smartphones to Galaxy Buds. However, the community is specific to Galaxy devices only.

In this regard, how can the custom skin of Samsung goes by the alias OneUI could be left out. That is why Samsung has dedicated a separate page to the upcoming One UI 5.0 on the Samsung community website.

The primary website of the Samsung community represents the ‘r1’ domain, where this separate page was included. 

About One UI

One UI is a custom layer of Android OS for Samsung, which provides custom interactions to users. Samsung does many experiments before it comes into a stable form, which Samsung tries to release with the Android system. This is the same pattern of releasing yearly, a new version. 

With days passing by, users are getting more curious about the upcoming features, so it is to be considered that Samsung is dedicating a particular page to the One UI 5.0 itself. The page still has no posts. As of now, you could be the first one, so if you want to visit, hurry. We are providing links for you to see.