Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra could use an unprecedented ISOCELL HP2 sensor

Never take anything for granted with Samsung because it always has surprises waiting. Typically, product versions have increasing numbering that distinguishes the next model with improved features.

 Last year Samsung unveiled the 200MP HP1 ISOCELL sensor, which is precisely what we will see on the new Motorola Frontier. 

According to insiders, it now seems certain that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will not be equipped with one of the sensors already released, ISOCELL HP1 or ISOCELL HP3, but should be able to count on a new camera not yet announced by the brand. Both of the above sensors boast a resolution of 200 MP, with 0.64μm and 0.56μm pixels, respectively; the unprecedented sensor mentioned, ISOCELL HP2, should position itself between the two already existing with 0.60μm pixel sizes.

But now the well-known Ice Universe leaker has posted some rather puzzling news on Twitter, in which it would almost for sure give a third 200 MP sensor on the Galaxy S23 UltraISOCELL HP2, ever presented.

Obviously you have no indication of the specifications of this ISOCELL HP2, but in theory it should be better than the previous two HP1 and HP3, so either be larger (HP1 is 1/1.22 inches) or present better technology.

It’s hard to understand Samsung’s nomenclature, although it’s not the first time we’ve seen it at work, as is the case with the ISOCELL GN5 sensor, which has worse features than the ISOCELL GN2 “cousins” mounted on Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra or ISOCELL GN1 mounted on the Google Pixel 6

After three generations of Galaxy S with 108MP sensors (S20 Ultra, S21 Ultra, S22 Ultra), so you’re seeing a new “megapixel” race, will it be the right way?

For some experts, sensors with lower resolution and larger pixels are the way forward, although even the new iPhone 14 (Pro) will abandon the canonical 12 MP to switch to 48MP sensors, so maybe no one has yet gotten the solution. As always, we will see who is right on the ground.