Samsung August 2022 Security Patches Are Coming For Many Galaxy Devices

Samsung just announced the August security patch details; it fixes about 24 Android operating system vulnerabilities and 31 security improvements introduced by Samsung for the One UI interface and some of its apps.

The August 2022 security update also improves the Bluetooth connection, applies three fixes for Samsung DeX, and fixes a potential Samsung Knox vulnerability, and also makes improvements to Smart View and the Phone app.

Here is the list of Samsung devices that will soon receive the update, as they are updated monthly:

In due course the update will also reach Samsung devices that are updated quarterly such as Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ and in theory also Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as the four years of support ends after the summer.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S6 Lite series Android tablets are expected to receive new security patches this month, plus many mid-range Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy A41, A51 and A71 are on the list of devices that receive an update twice a year, but for these smartphones it’s hard to predict when the update will arrive.

Samsung doesn’t have a logical implementation program for monthly security updates, so it often happens that one device gets the update before another.