Samsung One UI 5 Extra Brightness Feature – How To Enable?

From the initial point about this Beta program, Samsung has tried after Inure various adjustments according to the feedback from customers on One UI Beta 5.0 who is strolling Android 12 and then a partial period between Android 13, these sorts of steps due to working the ultimate yield over the upcoming user interface desire to perform that greater one-of-a-kind or considerable because of its users.

This managed and operating program of Samsung desires to provide a better and more efficient user experience for its customers.

One UI 5.0 Extra Brightness Feature:

One UI 5.0 version have an interesting feature that can increase the screen’s brightness extra, which is why this feature has been named Extra brightness.

Talking about its pros then it will work amazingly on sunny days when users might be outside due to some reasons and then they have to talk to someone which he/she can do without getting a headache due to putting their eyes on the screen very tightly as this Extra brightness will provide more luminous screen in front of you.

There would possibly be one downside concerning that function as much as it features pleasure and provides extra brightness in conformity with the dignity below over direction that additionally uses more and greater battery power. This means through the use of that characteristic continually you have in conformity with constantly back the problem concerning battery draining and ye would possibly bear in imitation of worth the repeatedly an age who wish stand irritating.

As per the planning, Samsung has initiated its two Beta versions, and now there might be some chances that a third version will be provided by the company for making its final version.

Well, because taking part in the One UI 5.0 Beta software so is no necessity in accordance with delivering any, or be aware neither ye choice remain rewarded by way of somebody means. This software is simply for erection the last model better by making adjustments besides the feedback of this program’s users.

Apart from this feature, so are many more captivating functions that are skilled by users, like a higher notification center, bigger icons, expanded security, battery health option, etc.

One UI 5: How To Turn On Extra Brightness Feature

  • On your Galaxy phone Home Screen.
  • Swipe down to open Notification panel.
  • Head over the Settings of your smartphone.
  • Now Go to Display option.
  • First, turn off the Adaptive Brightness, if enabled.
  • Now below, you’ll see an option “Extra Brightness“.
  • Turn the toggle on and enjoy the Extra Brightness.