Samsung Electronics America Gains Top Rank In 2022 [ACSI]

Samsung has received applause from its customer as the face of the top brand for products and services given by the American Customer Satisfaction Index Survey 2022.

Glading from such an honor, Samsung’s vice president of customer care America said, “By receiving the award from ACSI because of our valued customer. We will always invest in precious customer-first options and deliver the finest service to every user. Now the company is growing a communication channel for providing instant service and solutions.

Getting such respect from us consumers encourages Samsung highly for providing the best products and services. The company started to take steps toward investing and developing several areas.

The country’s only industry for measuring customer satisfaction, ACSI, has been conducting the survey since 1994, where several sections are kept as the basis for winners. And Samsung occurred the first position for TV as well as for Home Appliances in

ACSI completed its survey between July of the previous year and June of the current year, where different questions were asked from the customers this year; it was done with 5,500 customers, among which 1,500 consumers were those who recently purchased the TV. Within the survey, the customer is asked to take care of 10 major points

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