Samsung Galaxy S23 May Launch With Big Battery

Keeping these advanced gadgets slim by loading a high-power battery is one of the most interesting and appreciable matters for users as this is an important feature of a smartphone where the customer’s mind gets free from repeatedly charging the device.

According to information from Theelec, the Galaxy S23 series may be packed with a larger battery capacity or just for an entry-level device. The information cannot be understood as the final verdict as, at the previous information, it was assumed that the entire series would come with a big battery.

The poor quality image of the battery was previously unable to recognize the efficiency of Galaxy S23+, and we could not provide a specific verdict. If the capacity does not change, then batteries will be similar to their predecessors.

But as per a new report, Galaxy S23 will receive a 5% larger battery than its earlier generation Galaxy S22, which means 3,700mAh. Glaring at the other two models, it is unsure whether the company is planning for a bigger battery in Galaxy S23+ & Galaxy S23 Ultra or the same capacity of 4,500 mAh & 5,000 mAh.

Loading high-capacity batteries in devices with the slighter difference in dimensions and weight is quite a tough job for Samsung, but the SDI supplier of batteries for the Galaxy series is trying to make it possible with their framing technology.

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