Samsung Launches CamCyclopedia For Photography Lessons

Samsung recently launched a new tool named ‘CamCyclopedia’. The tool provides various photography and camera technology lessons to the users. It may help them to be a camera expert and do professional-looking photography.

Samsung CamCyclopedia

This tool is currently available only in Korea on the Samsung Community website. It is expected to be available in other countries soon. The credit for creating it goes to the developers of the respective department. The reason behind its creation is to assemble all the mandatory knowledge related to photography. 

As Samsung stated, this tool will get a total of six sections, four of which are related to camera technology, one is related to external author posts, and the remaining one provides Youtube videos regarding the topic- “How to take good pictures with the Galaxy Camera.” 

In this tool, users will find data related to these topics- 

  • How digital cameras work
  • AI technology and computational photography 
  • Galaxy Camera Main Features
  • Galaxy Camera FAQ

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