Peloton App Is Now Available For Samsung Galaxy Watch based on WearOS

The Samsung Galaxy Watch, which is based on WearOS now about to get a new fitness-related application named Peloton. Since the operating system has recently received several apps and features, the Peloton application will be the next link to this. The respective application is going to be released by the New York City-based fitness company Peloton.

At present, the application is rolled out to smartwatches with WearOS 3, such as the Galaxy Watch 4 series, Galaxy Watch 5 series, and Google Pixel Watch. It is already present in Apple’s watches, while the WearOS is getting it now. Remember, though, the application is not supported in all regions; it will only support the selected few.

The only thing that this could do application in WearOS devices monitors the user’s heart rate, while it provides some additional services in Apple watches. After detecting the data (heart rate), it will show it on the watch face-UI. Unfortunately, it didn’t support pairing to the Peloton Bike, as the Apple watches can do.

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