Samsung Wallet Application Is Now Available In Switzerland

Samsung has recently introduced its own payment application ‘Samsung Wallet’ in Switzerland. Besides this, a few weeks ago, the company planned to launch it in 13 new international markets also by the year 2022, which is currently under process. They also stated that they want to steadily expand the market lists of partners to provide more service to their all-region customers.

In mid-2022s, Samsung merged three of its applications- Samsung Wallet, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Pass into one. The company takes the step to land safe, secure, and easy biometric authentications through multiple applications. Here you can also find vouchers, coupons, and membership of cards all in a single place.

As per the expectations, the users of respective regions get all the elements mentioned above, along with Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass. It is backed by Samsung Knox, which is a security platform for the company. The company is planning with its partners to add more features in it to offer more secure and easy technology access in the future.

For information, in Switzerland, the company is providing it to more customers every day. The selection of users for this distribution follows no rules and leads to a random selection. If you didn’t get its access yet, then you don’t need to worry about it, the manufacturer will soon provide it to your devices also. Notably, even after getting Samsung Wallet, the user will still be able to use Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass separately.

For launch, Samsung Wallet has the following functions in Switzerland:

  • Samsung Pay: mobile payment – secure, easy and convenient with your smartphone1
  • Samsung Pass: easy and secure access to apps and services through biometric identification
  • Membership and loyalty cards, vouchers and vouchers (participating partners): simply saved and quickly at hand

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