Samsung Will Reduce Its Smartphones Production By 13% Compared To This Year

In the third week of October, a business briefing session was held by Samsung Electronics with its partners. In this session, they decided on their smartphone production target for the following year. As per the decision, the manufacturer will produce 290.68 million smartphones in the year 2023, which is 13% deducted from this year’s (2022’s) production target. 

Nothing much changed regarding the upcoming flagship’s production 

In the year 2022, the company had set a target of 334.2 million smartphone production, which is now reduced to 290.68 million for the upcoming year. Where the target of 32.9 million productions was decided for that time’s upcoming flagship (Galaxy S22) device, nothing much changed in this year’s production too. They decided to produce 32.63 million devices of its upcoming flagship Galaxy S23. 

The shipment target has increased this year 

The company is about to produce 290.68 million smartphone devices, but they have set the goal of 270 million smartphone shipments only. While the shipment target in 2022 was only 260 million units of smartphones. This year’s shipment target is more than this year’s. The device’s production targets are generally 10% more than their shipments. 

Devices and their decided production rate for next year-

Foldable Devices

  • Galaxy Z Fold 5- 3.54 million units
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5- 6.86 million units
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4- 1.23 million units
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4- 3.12 million units
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3- 20,000 units
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3- 110,000 units

Flagship Smartphones

  • Galaxy S22 Series- 4.96 million units
  • Galaxy S21 Series- 50,000 units
  • Galaxy S21 FE- 7.26 million units
  • Galaxy S20 FE- 150,000 units
  • Galaxy Note 20- 530,000 units

Mid Range Phones

  • Galaxy A Series- 215.65 million units
  • Galaxy M Series- 9.77 million units

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