Samsung To Launch Samsung Wallet In 13 Additional Countries By The End Of The Year

Samsung Electronics stated on October 14th that the ‘Samsung Wallet’ service would be introduced by the end of this year in 13 more countries.

Since June of this year, Samsung Wallet has been available in Korea, China, the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Samsung Wallet is a combination of the “Samsung Pass” service with “Samsung Pay.” it is already in use.

Samsung Electronics will support Samsung Wallet service in 13 countries, including Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Qatar, South Africa and Vietnam, within the year following the previous 8 countries.

With Samsung Wallet, customers can quickly, conveniently, and safely use credit cards, digital keys, airline tickets, driving licenses, student IDs, and more with just one action (swipe). Through ongoing cooperation with a number of reliable partners and developers, Samsung intends to grow the Samsung Wallet ecosystem.

Users of Samsung Wallet can feel secure using it since Samsung Knox safeguards it with enhanced security features like fingerprint recognition and encryption and saves sensitive personal data in a separate security area on the device.

“Samsung Wallet is working closely with various partners and developers to enhance the Samsung Wallet experience to make life more convenient for users,” said Jini Han, Vice President, Digital Life Team, MX Division, Samsung Electronics. We hope to expand this to allow more Galaxy users to enjoy the benefits of digital wallets.”

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