Samsung And Google Became Partners To Improve The Experience With Smart Home Ecosystems

Recently, Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2022, held in San Francisco, the Korean giant shared some information about his commitment to improving and simplifying user interaction with smart devices.

Google and Samsung are working together on Matter, a solution to improve the use of smart home devices. In practice, it will be possible to locate easily, connect and control any smart device (enabled Matter) via the SmartThings application or via Google Home indifferently. The news came up during the SDC by McCullough from Google, who took the stage to talk about the information.

By accessing the SmartThings app, users will be informed of the Matter devices available and previously configured via Google Home, so it will no longer be necessary to reconfigure the devices already used with other platforms nor to add them a second time.

In other words, this means that there will be no need to make the settings of a smart device in Google Home and then in SmartThings. The integration of the two systems will enable the consumer to register only once. This way, when he searches for the device, he will be able to find it regardless of where it was registered.

The first version of Matter, which has been in development for some time, is almost ready for release. In actual use, the platform can produce positive outcomes as the outcome of the collaboration between the two producers, who are already well-known for their association in the creation of the Tensor chips used in the Google Pixel. In actuality, the following generation is already being produced.

Samsung has also worked with Philips Hue to integrate Philips Hue Sync on Galaxy smartphones, enabling customers to sync smart home lights with music.

Additionally, the SmartThings app now has deeper integration with Bixby, which can now manage the whole Samsung ecosystem’s cross-device experience. Thanks to the new Bixby Home Studio, developers will be able to design unique and customized experiences for the SmartThings platform.

Now, as for Matter, the expected release date is November 3. In addition, brands such as Apple, LG, and Amazon have already stated that they will support the platform’s standards.

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