Samsung Users Complained About Bug & Issues That Appeared After The Android 13 (OneUI 5) Installation

Samsung is currently providing the update of the company’s newer skin, ‘One UI 5,’ to its eligible devices. Since Samsung started rolling out this update, many users have started complaining about the bug issues that appeared after its installation. Users are complaining that with One UI 5’s update, their device is showing some problems. Now let’s take a look at the issues that users are complaining about. 

One UI 5 update was first introduced to Galaxy S22 series devices. By the fall of October 2022, the company has started providing its stable update to eligible devices globally including Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, Note 20, Galaxy A33, A53, and A73. Currently, max-to-max Galaxy devices have got this update, including flagships and mid-range devices. As its users increase, the issues with it also start coming to the fore. The issues that users are facing are mentioned below. 

Samsung Android 13 Users Are Facing These Following Issues

Problem with the Eye Comfortable Shield: One user has complained that after installing the One UI 5, the Eye Comfortable Shield feature is showing some issues. The user has said that he/she has set a timer for this feature from sunset to sunrise, but after the upgrade, the shield doesn’t get activated even after the decided time. 

No Cell Service after the update: Another user shared that his device stopped supporting Mobile Data just after the update. The user has added that his device got the data access after resetting the Network Settings, but it worked only for a short span. The user has to reset it six times in just 26 hours to prevent interruption. 

Rearranged folders after turning the mobile phone off: A One UI 5 user also shared that with this update, his device randomly rearranged its folders whenever they turned the device off, and after turning the mobile on, the folders arrangement got messed up and arranged to random order, in which they didn’t want it. 

Screen Auto Rotate is missing after the update: A user has said that the ability of Auto Screen Rotation is missing after the Android 13 (One UI 5) update. Instead of the Auto Rotation, the device now shows a screen rotation icon on the bottom left corner of the screen, which the user finds frustrating, as it didn’t work as the previous auto-rotation feature. 

Apart from these major issues, the update also brings many other minor problems. Some of these are listed below- 

  • Unable to update the Android System Intelligence after a newer OS update. 
  • Notifications in 2 different icon colors. 
  • The media keeps stopping. 
  • The update is causing a low volume of Galaxy buds. 
  • The Samsung home app and other apps create sound while using them. 

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