Samsung Changed The Way Of Customization Of Galaxy Phone’s Lockscreen

Samsung always tries to improve its user interface and introduce new features in it so users can enjoy their Galaxy smartphones. The company is believed to give the best to its users so they can explore the device more easily and comfortably. To keep engaging its user, the company always introduces new features from time to time.

The Korean giant recently introduced some new lock screen customizable features with the Android 13-based One UI 5 skin, so users can use those features to customize their lock screen on their own easily and quickly. It includes you can easily change the wallpaper of the screen and allows you to edit the current wallpaper; you can change the color of it from the color palette.

Now you can also easily change the Clock style of your screen as you can edit it in different ways like you can change the size of the clock as well as change the default color to different color with the help of a color palette.

It also lets you change the popup notification style as well as change its settings from there as well. To access these different features, you just have to tap the lock screen and hold it until the various options appear. After that, you are ready to customize the whole lock screen.

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