Samsung to bring Virtual Keyboard and Trackpad with its future folding laptop

Samsung is one of the most reliable manufacturers of the current time. When it comes to newer experiments with products, Samsung always welcomes them with outstretched hands. Recently, a patent has been filed which shows that Samsung is currently working on its future Laptop devices with a foldable display. The future laptop is also reported to bring a Virtual Keyboard and a Trackpad along with it. Now let’s take a look at the additional information regarding it.

In today’s generation, foldable laptops are no new and unknown products here. Leaving Samsung behind, Asus and Lenovo are some manufacturers who launched their foldable Laptop devices on the market earlier than the South Korean firm. But concerning Samsung, the firm already has a successful foldable series of Smartphones and Tablets available on the market. It is very obvious that the manufacturer will take this foldable far higher than that.

IMG – 91Mobiles

According to the patent, the folding laptop of Samsung will also be folded in half like other foldable laptops. The South Korean manufacturer will feature an OLED panel, which may bring a higher refresh rate with it. Additionally, the laptop will also get a Virtual Trackpad with a Keyboard, which means we can expect touch input support too. It is expected that the device will be ultrathin when unfolded and use the same hinge system that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 device has.

Besides all of these, the future foldable laptop of Samsung might get a regular selfie camera on top of the display, as the standard laptop devices, and will run on the Windows 11 OS. It will also get Type-C USB ports for charging and data transferring. Unfortunately, any additional information, such as its hardware feature and the launch date still needs to be discovered, we should wait for the official news and further reports on these.

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