Samsung Galaxy A90 5G now updated to December 2022 security patch

A new update is available for the Galaxy A90 5G, it’s not the major OS update, but it brings a new security patch. It is one of the premium phones in its segment. Therefore it has become the first phone among the A series, which gets the latest security patch update in the form of December 2022.

Users who own Galaxy A90 5G can identify the new security update by its firmware version number A908BXXS5EVK4. Currently, the update is available in Australia and New Zealand. However, it will be expanded to other countries soon.

December 2022 security update includes several bug fixes which improve the performance and stability of the device. According to the official Samsung documentation, the latest update includes numerous patches, which are included by Google as well as Samsung. There are 100s of new patches added, and half of them have been introduced for the Android OS, which means other ones are only served for the Galaxy devices by Samsung.

Galaxy A90 5G was released in 2019 and came with Android 9 on board; after that, the device was only upgraded to Android 11. Being a three-year-old device, the device is not eligible for any Android OS update, but as per Samsung’s commitment to a security update, we can expect that the device will get more security updates in future.

December 2022 Security Patch Vulnerabilities:

According to the Samsung documentation, the latest patches include the fix to as many as 93 vulnerabilities, 67 of them common to (almost) all Android devices. Of the long list, 5 vulnerabilities are defined as critical, 63 high priority, and 12 moderate. Most of these vulnerabilities affect Galaxy smartphones and tablets with Android 10, Android 11, and Android 12, but some also touch the latest version of the robot. Among the latter, one concerns the RCS system, which would allow malicious actors to access the phone number of an incoming call. It also required action on the vulnerability that would allow access to the contents of the toast notifications of the Personal Area through the Nice Catch app (it is part of the Good Lock package).

Moreover, Samsung has addressed some security loopholes and variabilities in several functions and apps such as SecTelephonyProvider, Telecom application, Samsung settings, RCS call, Samsung decoding library for video thumbnails, Exynos baseband, Nice Catch, WindowManagerService, llccphonebook, Qualcomm kernel, Contacts, Phone, etc. Samsung claims that all the mentioned apps and functions are now fixed and safe to use, and the company also promises that if there is any bug left apart from this, it will surely fix it in another update.

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