Spotify got the support of Android 13’s media player design

The latest version of Google’s OS, Android 13, has recently presented its new redesigned media player. This new player provides media playback controls in the notification shade. It also brings a squiggly progress bar with it. With this new media player, one could place media control buttons wherever they want, leading you to a more personalized and user-friendly experience. Albeit third-party music applications are bringing its support slowly but recently, Spotify’s beta version has brought it together.

Previously, “Spotify” was also one of those applications, but finally, it has got support with its beta version for Android 13 devices (via 9To5Google), which reads version number Currently, users, who have registered for Spotify’s beta trial through the Google Play Store, can only be able to experience this new feature. Those who still need to register have to wait until the public roll-out of the stable update because Spotify has stopped accepting the public sign-ups for it.

IMG – 9To5Google

Let you know that Spotify, with this new media player, shows a square-shaped and round-cornered Play or Pause button. Buttons that used to jump to the previous or next track are now placed on both edges of the music playback bar while playing a track. This media player also lets the applications select two buttons as per their needs, for which Spotify has chosen the shuffle and like song buttons, placed after the playback bar. However, the utility of these buttons will be changed if you switch a podcast to listen to.

While playing a podcast, the previous and next buttons will work as 15 seconds rewind or forward buttons. Besides, the shuffle and like buttons will be replaced with the playback speed and add a podcast to the library buttons. Recently, applications including YouTube, YouTube Music, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, Shazam, Pocket Casts, Play Books, Chrome, and Recorder have got the Android 13’s media player’s support, but on the other hand, applications such as Apple Music, Tidal, and Pandora are remaining.

Unfortunately, at present, Samsung does not integrate this feature with its One UI 5.0. Because Samsung’s customized UI is slightly different from the stock Android and does not have a media player progress bar, this new squiggly progress bar will not fit into it. It is unclear whether Samsung is planning to change its decision or it will remain as it is currently.

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