Samsung Internet Browser updating to the new version

Samsung has recently released a new update for Samsung Internet, its browser for Android smartphones and tablets: It reaches version and fixes a bug that plagued some devices.

The Korean giant is the only competitor of chrome in the browser market. Being the only major competitor, the company recently rolled out a major update, of the browser, as Samsung has added some major security features and also made a few changes and additions to provide extra protection for privacy and security, including Smart Anti-Tracking, which helps to identify domains that use cross-site tracking and to block cookies. You will receive an alert when visiting any malicious sites. Samsung also allows you to run 3rd party apps to filter out unwanted content. 

Moreover, the Samsung Internet browser includes various features to enhance your Internet browsing with Video Assistant, Dark mode, Customize menu, as well as extensions such as Translator, and protects your security with Secret mode, Smart Anti-Tracking, and Smart Protection.

Samsung Internet Browser comes with fixes bug

Now Samsung has released one more update for the Internet browser; it comes with a new version number According to the play store description, the update doesn’t carry any new features, but it includes bug fixes that improve the stability of the app, as well as it also includes new patches that enhance the security of the app.

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