Samsung Electronics announces YouTube ‘Market Forecast in 2023’ series

Today, on 15th December 2022, Samsung Securities announced that they will release a Market Forcast series for the year 2023. This series will be released through their official YouTube channel Samsung POP. For information, this forecast series will get a total of 20 episodes which will be related to the forecast of the global economy and each industry sector. In this series, an analyst of Samsung Securities will appear to explain the outlook for the upcoming year. They will also add investment-related information videos in this series and the market forecast. 

Let us tell you that the first episode of this series is “Global Economic Outlook in 2023”. In this episode, the in charge of microanalysis, Heo Jin-Wook, will share the outlook of inflation and monetary policy, the major issues of the global market, along with the major countries’ economic outlook. Another video named “Global Asset Allocation Prospect” will be led by the global investment strategy in charge, Yoo Seung-Min. In this video, he will explain the process of the development of next year’s economic phase. The process of adopting an asset allocation strategy will also be explained in this video. 

Notably, every video of this series will be uploaded by the manufacturer every day at 4:00 pm. As per the report of StartupToday, the company has communicated with numerous investors through a live broadcast named “Research For You” to land accurate information. The “Research Highlights,” which is held daily, work to explain the summarized research reports easily. For information, it is the very first time that a “virtual analyst” has been introduced among domestic securities companies appears. Conclusively, the market forecast series will provide an outlook for the major countries and each industry sector, such as semiconductors and secondary batteries, and asset classes, such as stocks and bonds.

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