Samsung updating My Files application

Nowadays, we access different files from related apps like audio and video from the respected player, PDF or any doc file from any document manager app, and so on, but when we have to search different types of files in one place, here is the role of the file manager comes, Like every other smartphone company Samsung is also providing the file manager under the name My Files.

Basically, the My Files app manages all the files on your smartphone; it offers different options like SD card storage, USB drives, or Cloud storage. There are a lot of features introduced till now. You can free up storage space easily by tapping the “Storage Analysis” button. It also allows you to hide any unused storage space from the main screen via “Edit My Files home, “ as we as you can view long file names without ellipses using the “Listview” button. My files app has numerous useful features like them, and Samsung adds more features by updating it from time to time.

Samsung My Files have a new version

Samsung My files are now updated to the new version,; according to the change log, the new update brings several new features. Now you can delete or add your favorites immediately while checking the folder route, and it lets you lock the compressed file by a password for strengthening the security, A new function is also introduced under “Analyse storage” that shows how much storage is being used by file type on OneDrive/Google Drive.

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