Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra will not receive new Android major updates

The Samsung Galaxy Note series is a line of high-end smartphones introduced in 2011. The series is known for its large displays and stylus support and has been popular among users who want a device with a large screen and the ability to take notes and draw.

After the Note series was discontinued, Samsung decided to adapt the beloved S Pen to the Galaxy S series, debuting it with the Galaxy S21 Ultra unveiled last year and assuming the majority of the Note’ features. In actuality, the Galaxy S Ultra series has taken the place of the Note series as its spiritual descendant.

After the 11th generation of Galaxy Note devices, Samsung has announced that the latest iteration in the series—the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra—will not receive new Android updates. This is a major blow to Samsung fans who have come to expect regular updates on their devices. Today we’ll explore why Samsung has made this decision and what it could mean for the company’s future mobile plans. We’ll also review some of the features included with the Note 20 series and whether or not an update will still be necessary for its users.

Android 13 is the last major update – Now, no more future Android updates

By choosing to replace the Galaxy Note with the Folds, the current generation of fashionable folding phones, the Korean firm was able to reassess its strategies and update the premium range of its line-up. After announcing his decision to end the series, he pledged to provide three generations of Android updates for many Galaxy phones and tablets, including high-end and mid-range models. This new three-year update policy applies to the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Because of this, there is bad news for the owners of these two smartphones: after Android 13 is released, important updates for the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra will no longer be given, even though the policy has been followed and ended. Since Android 10 was the operating system when the Note 20 series was introduced, it won’t receive Android 14 next year, thereby stopping the life cycle of software updates. However, updates will continue to be released; for at least another year, it is realistic to anticipate that they will continue to get support with monthly security updates.

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