Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S23 series on 1st February

In the past years, Samsung has frequently released a new generation S series phone which comes with all new hardware upgrades and some extra features. After successfully launching the S21 device last year, the company launched the Galaxy S22, which is widely known as the Note series killer because Samsung has adopted all the features of the Note series into the Galaxy S22 device.

Now with the end of this year, rumours are going around about the Galaxy S23 device. According to a recent post of Ice Universe, we can observe that delaying the device’s release was not true. If we believe a little bit about the rumours, then the release of the Galaxy S23 device may be postponed a week, but not a month.

As you can see from the tweet above, Ice Universe, a typically trustworthy source, definitely lists the Galaxy Unpacked presentation event for February 1st. In fact, we had also delivered the news of the event moving to you with some scepticism, mostly due to the reasons given, pointing out that if the event had actually been postponed, the reasons behind the decision would have been.

Moreover, it is worth covering what price Samsung will fix for the Galaxy S23 device. If we analyse the prices of previously released S series devices, then Samsung will also increase the price of this device a little this time.

However, it is confirmed that Galaxy S23 device will be the flagship device in the flat screen mobile segment for the upcoming year, and with all new features, the device will also come with the latest One UI 5.1 update, which also increases the expectations of the customers, we hope that it would be a mega treat for the Samsung users.

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