Samsung 12nm DDR5 DRAM officially announced

The South Korean tech conglomerate Samsung recently announced its new 16 GB Double Data Rate 5 Dynamic Random-Access Memory (DDR5 DRAM), an updated version of its currently available 14nm EUV product. This upcoming memory chip will be built on 12nm class process technology, unlike its 14nm-class predecessor. 

According to the official blogpost of Samsung Newsroom, the upgraded DDR5 DRAM will not only consumes less power but also provides 20% better wafer productivity. It is said that this new product will be compatible with AMD products also. For information, it is also said to be optimized and validated by Zen platforms. As mentioned above, it consumes 23% less power, which makes it more environment-friendly. 

The Executive Vice President of DRAM Products & Technology at Samsung Electronics, Jooyoung Lee, has stated, “Our 12nm-range DRAM will be a key enabler in driving market-wide adoption of DDR5 DRAM”. He also added due to its power efficiency and exceptional performance properties. It is suitable to be a foundation for more sustainable operations such as next-gen computing and AI-driven system. 

Let us tell you, in its manufacturing, new material has been used, which will increase the cell capacitance. As the official news article mentioned, the South Korean tech manufacturer is set to start the mass production of this new DRAM by the year 2023. They are also planning to widen the market segments of their DRAM lineup, which will be built up on the 12nm class process technology. 

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