Samsung reduced the shipment target of Galaxy A23 5G by 70%

The South Korean tech firm Samsung launched the Galaxy A23 device earlier this year, but the 5G variant of the same device was launched during the second half. Recently, gripping information is getting to be known about the 5G variant of it, which reveals that Samsung has decreased the targets of Galaxy A23 5G smartphones’ shipment drastically. As compared to the former shipment targets, it has dropped nearly 70% by the company. Now let’s take a brief look at the report published by TheElec

According to the report, Samsung previously planned to ship a total of 12.6 million units of the Galaxy A23 5G smartphones, but now it seems that they have changed their mind. As TheElec stated, Samsung will now ship only less than 4 million units of the 5G variant of Galaxy A23 device, which is a huge decline of 70%. Besides, the shipment target of its 4G variant is 17.1 million units out of the combined shipment of 30 million units. It is equivalent to around 10% of the total annual shipments of Samsung. 

The reason for this large decrease is said to be a serious problem caused by this device. According to the same TheElec report, this phone showed a severe issue in the handset’s operation, which took a month-long investigation to be found. The company even talked to its partners to resolve the issue. However, this issue was resolved, but the manufacturer has narrowed its shipment target by looking at the trouble it caused. Notably, Samsung is aiming to ship only 5 million units of this model in the year 2023. 

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