Will the Galaxy S23 cost more than the Galaxy S22?

The upcoming flagship of the South Korean tech conglomerate, Galaxy S23, now needs no introduction. The wide range of its leaked/rumored features makes consumers so desperate for it. As this year is now at its end and about to change into the next year in just a few days, the OEMs are now all set to present their high-end devices to the market, and obviously, the Galaxy S23 series is also one of them. As the series will be unveiled anytime now, interested customers must have become so impatient to know their prices. 

As per the recent leaks, the Galaxy S23 series will be launched on February 1st, 2022. For information, the Galaxy S23 series will get a total of three devices as usual- Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. The purchase rates for all three devices will vary, ranging from lowest to highest in the sequence of Vanilla, Plus, Ultra. Since this series has been in constant rumors, at one point, the question must have arisen of how much the flagship will cost and whether it will be equal to or more than the Galaxy S22 devices

According to a recent report, the company hasn’t decided on its upcoming flagship’s price rate yet, due to the growing world inflation. As the prices are growing intensively, they are thinking about whether to raise the price or maintain them. We can expect maintained prices, but as the cost of raw materials and transport is raised, it is a waste to expect it. However, it may happen that Samsung will reduce its own profit margin to maintain the prices, which is surely a plausible step. 

If its prices do not grow, the expected price is mentioned below-

  • Galaxy S23: $859
  • Galaxy S23 Plus: $1,059
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra: $1,259

If Samsung chooses to raise the price, it is also possible that the prices will go up to around 40 or 50 euros/dollars per model. Meanwhile, one thing is clear, the prices of this flagship series will not be low, so if you are interested in them, their cost will surely burn a hole in your pockets. Note bone the actual price of Galaxy S23 devices has not been revealed officially. 

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