Samsung Galaxy A74 will come in 2023? Here’s what we (don’t) know

Samsung Galaxy A74 was running on the trend for a few days; there are a lot of rumors circulating about the device, which says it will be the new midrange phone which will be launched in 2023, but suddenly, there is no update coming about the Galaxy A74 device.

Usually, we get the idea about the latest midrange phones in mid-December because Samsung released them in the first quarter of the year. Still, this time there are some negative signs we are getting about Galaxy A74. Samsung has limited the launching of some of its companion devices, like Galaxy A73 5G was launched last spring in a few countries. Still, after then, the Korean giant never distributes the device to other countries.

Moreover, we are getting some rumors of mid-range phones which may be introduced in 2023, including Galaxy A54, Galaxy A14 5G, and Galaxy A34; maybe Samsung is planning to decrease its mid-range phones of the Galaxy A series. Nevertheless, the company may be working on introducing a fresh new series under the Galaxy Tag.

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