Galaxy M31 gets new software updates

The Galaxy M31 smartphone is a mid-range phone which was launched back in 2020 and came with Android 10 pre-installed. The device was upgraded to Android 12 approximately nine months ago. However, the device is eligible for one more update and is likely to receive it in the next few days.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy M31 is now receiving a new security update in the form of a November 2022 security update. As per the information, Samsung has included this device in a biannual security program which means the device is eligible for two security updates per year, but if we talk about this year, Galaxy M31 has received three security updates in different months, including March, August, and November.

November 2022 security includes several patches, which are added by Google and Samsung both, which provides extra protection to your device by fixing various security variability. As per Samsung’s official documentation, it also comes with some system-level improvements that give your device more stability as well as enhance its performance.

Moreover, the November 2022 security update is now available in India, users who own Galaxy M31 devices can identify the update by its firmware version number M315FXXS3CVK3.

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