Samsung plans to bring all entry-level smartphones with 5G support

In 2019, the 5G network was introduced, but initially, it was limited to some high-end devices only. After time passed, with its expansion into more regions, it reached some mid-range devices as well. Currently, there are numerous phones available in the market with 5G connectivity support, but still, there aren’t many entry-level phones included in this league. Finally, the South Korean firm has decided to bring the 5G variant for all Galaxy devices.

Let us tell you that the expansion of 5G connectivity in more devices surely is a good step but on the altar of some sacrifice. Notably, bringing 5G connectivity to some devices may cause a loss of some features for the respective devices. For example, the Galaxy A32 5G does have 5G connectivity and a faster processor than the Galaxy A32 4G, but on the altar of some important features. Consequently, the 5G variant didn’t get a higher resolution display and better selfie camera, as the LTE variant has.

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Apart from this, the same case is with the Galaxy A13 device; also, its 5G variant has a faster processor, but the 4G variant contains a better screen resolution and has a four-camera setup on the back instead of the A13 5G’s triple camera setup. Losing the important characteristic and features for the sake of 5G connectivity surely is a huge expense but may be proven worth it. However, the choice between those two is quite tough to make, but the company will figure out an answer to it for sure.

Meanwhile, because the 5G devices are quite expensive than the LTE ones, Samsung is working to make them available in an affordable range. As we all know, 5G modems are more expensive in terms of production than 4G ones, and currently, the market is facing a shipment low also, so Samsung has decided to work on reducing its cost as much as possible and at every possible limit, so that, the 5G variants will also be accessible to more and more consumers easily.

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