Samsung Camera Assistant to reach more Galaxy phones

Samsung is surely a worthy market competitor for any strong OEM. The reason is crystal clear “its habit of providing essentials continuously.” Camera Assistant is also one of Samsung’s essential services. The South Korean firm launched the respective application in October as a module of its customizable suite Good Lock. Unfortunately, even after nearly two months since its launch, it is still limited to only the Galaxy S22 series devices. But finally, they seem to be working on a plan to expand its availability.

Let us tell you that because of its shrunk availability, many users were continuously requesting for it to reach their respective devices, if eligible. Thankfully, the company has landed an eye on those requests and responding as well. As per the post made by a moderator on the community, Samsung is trying to make the Camera Assistant application available for as many eligible devices as possible. We also expect an official announcement from the company regarding the expansion schedule soon. However, the eligible device list for this app is yet to be found.

For those who are unaware, Camera Assistant is a module of Good Lock which lets its users customize the camera settings as per their needs. In simpler words, it provides finer and deeper control to its users over the stock camera app. Notably, it also brought a few older camera setting options back, which disappeared from Samsung devices in the last few years but are still useful. Finally, Samsung is planning to provide this app to more devices as soon as possible. In order to learn more about the Camera Assistant application, you can click here.

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