Samsung faces a class action lawsuit in the USA over the durability of Galaxy Z Fold 3

The South Korean tech conglomerate Samsung launched its foldable device, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, in the year 2021. Its parent company, Samsung Electronics, was recently caught in a class action lawsuit in the United States. The major reason behind the file of this lawsuit is the issues regarding the durability of the hinge part of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 device. Notably, this lawsuit was filed by the plaintiffs, such as Antonio Lewis, on December 28th, 2022.

As per the report of Business Post, the plaintiffs have filed a class action lawsuit in the federal court in New York against the manufacturer of Galaxy Z Fold 3, saying that the device’s hinge is not as durable as Samsung has promoted. According to the case fillers, the company has said the Galaxy Z Fold 3 would be folded and unfolded over 200,000 times without having any issues, which is the average fold-unfolds consumers perform in the duration of 05 years.

However, the afflicted has denied the claims of Samsung and said that his device had got cracks on the screen, even though it hasn’t been folded and unfolded 200,000 times. He argued for free compensation from the manufacturer by explaining that he bought his Galaxy Z Fold 3 device for approx 1800 USD in 2021, and despite using it for less than a year, its durability hasn’t been proven good, unlike the company’s claims. Albeit, Samsung has answered that screen repair is not a subject to get free compensation.

Antonio Luis, the afflicted, has stated, “Samsung Electronics used ‘unfair and deceptive expressions and omissions’ in the process of selling the Galaxy Z Fold 3.” In that manner, the South Korean firm has decided on up to 500 USD for a screen repair of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 device. However, it is not the first time when Samsung was caught up in a class action lawsuit, but previously in 2021 also, the company was charged for the hinge issues of the laptop sold by them as a 2-in-1 tablet.

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