Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could integrate an updated zoom camera

Samsung hasn’t even officially unveiled its soon-to-be-launched flagship Galaxy S23 and has already started preparing the strategies for the future flagship series. Recently, rumors about the future Galaxy S24 series camera have started circulating all over the internet. According to those rumors, the Galaxy S24 will improve the camera’s performance. Let’s take a look at the rumors spreading around the tech world. 

According to the tipster Ice universe, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to replace its telephoto sensor with a new and more reliable solution. Obviously, if the changes are made to the telephoto sensor, there are more chances of getting enhanced zooming abilities. Unfortunately, the tipster has yet to reveal any specific information regarding the new zoom solution, what it is. Notably, despite having better zooming capabilities, Samsung is still working to improve it, which makes it distinct from the rest.

However, the tipster has also shared that they believe the Galaxy S24 Ultra will not bring any major changes in its primary shooter, even though if changes were made, those would be some minor upgrades only. If we give a thought to this new zooming solution, it would be better for the company to choose something like LG Innotek’s recently unveiled telephoto camera lens, which can capture sharp images at all zoom levels from 4x to 9x. Notably, Digital or DSLR cameras also have quite similar mechanisms in them.

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