Samsung improves GTS support for Sound Assistant app

Samsung has been updating its Good Lock module for a few days; from this, we understand that the company is making its devices better in the customization field. Recently the developer has updated many modules, including NavStar, MultiStar, Keys cafe, and Clock face, and now the company is rolling out an update for one more good lock module known as a Sound assistant.

The Sound assistant is now updating to the new version; the update comes with some new features, like now supporting the GTS function, which is a new Galaxy to share module that helps to share its settings with other galaxy devices. Now the module is compatible with Android 13. Some new colors were added to the volume panel, and some improvements were also made, like the visibility of the EQ panel is now improved in dark mode, and a new option was added as default activation for the voice changer feature.

What is a sound Assistant?

The sound assistant is a module of the Good lock suite; as you know that Samsung has introduced the Good lock application, which consists of several types of modules that are helpful for customizing your device, and the Sound assistant is also one of those modules, it helps you to customize your sound in different ways, it allows you to control the media volume instead of ringtone, it provides a volume panel of the expanded features that change the volume and output of each app and more.

If you are a user belonging to a region where the good lock is available, you can easily update the Sound assistant from there, and as Samsung has recently expanded the support of the good lock application, you can check it from the Galaxy store and download it from there.

You can download or update the Good Lock app via the Samsung Galaxy Store, and now Good Lock allows you to update all its modules faster by tapping the three-dot icon and then the “Update All” option.

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