Samsung updating its Galaxy to Share app with the latest version

Galaxy to share is a new module of Good Lock, which provides the facility to share your device’s settings with another device; this module works across all galaxy devices. With the help of the Galaxy to share module, you can share different types of settings of different modules, including Multistar, ClockFace, Quickstart, Navstar, One Hand Operation, and other device settings information.

Samsung has now released the latest update (v1.0.22.0) for the Galaxy to share; while the update doesn’t bring any new features, it comes with some bug fixes which improve the performance and stability of the app; moreover, the app will work more accurately with this update.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy to share is currently only available in Korea, but the company should expand the availability of the Galaxy to share to other countries soon. With this help, we can easily share all the customized settings with other Galaxy device users, which have the support of Good lock. Users who own a galaxy device can easily install the latest update through the Galaxy store.

You can download the app from APK Mirror.

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