December 2022 security update rolled out for Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Fold 2, and Fold 4 in Europe

Samsung is highly constant regarding software updates; therefore, for a few years, the company’s performance has been good in terms of software updates. The company is working harder to improve more in the software department. So the Korean giant is now providing the software update to two or three phones together. Recently, it has introduced the December 2022 security update for Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy Fold 2, and Fold 4 devices in different regions.

Galaxy Z Flip 5G gets December 2022 security firmware

Galaxy Z Flip 5G is the initial device of the Flip series, and now it is receiving the support of the latest security update in the form of December 2022. Currently, the latest security update is available in some countries of Europe, including Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, the Baltic region, the Netherlands, and the UK. However, the update should be available in other parts of the world in the next few days. Galaxy Z Flip 5G users can identify the latest software update by the firmware version F707BXXS7IVK7.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 updated to December 2022 security patch

Users who own the Galaxy Fold 2 device can identify the December 2022 update by checking its firmware version number F916BXXS2IVK7. The update is available in several countries, including Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Romania, Portugal, Southeast Europe, the Baltic region, and the Czech Republic. The Korean giant will surely distribute the latest security update to other countries in the coming days.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 gets Android December 2022 security update

Galaxy Z Fold 4 device was the first device that got the support of the latest monthly update in the form of December 2022, previously the Korean giant updated the device in Europe, and now the company is expanding the monthly security update in India, And in the same way, the company will spread this update in other regions as well. The December 2022 security patch carries the firmware version F936BXXS1BVKC.

Notably, the December 2022 security includes approximately 90 patches which bring resolutions of previously reported issues; it improves the overall performance and stability of the device and carries fixes against the security vulnerabilities, which enhance the security of the device.

December 2022 Security Patch Fixed These Vulnerabilities:

According to the Samsung documentation, the latest patches include the fix to as many as 93 vulnerabilities, 67 of them common to (almost) all Android devices. Of the long list, 5 vulnerabilities are defined as critical, 63 high priority, and 12 moderate. Most of these vulnerabilities affect Galaxy smartphones and tablets with Android 10, Android 11, and Android 12, but some also touch the latest version of the robot. Among the latter, one concerns the RCS system, which would allow malicious actors to access the phone number of an incoming call. It also required action on the vulnerability that would allow access to the contents of the toast notifications of the Personal Area through the Nice Catch app (it is part of the Good Lock package).

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