Samsung introduced a new Gadget at CES 2023, which supports SmartThings

Samsung has recently introduced several new devices at CES 2023 fest, but Samsung’s SmartThings station was the one that caught everyone’s attention. The SmartThing station is a device that provides similar facilities, which can be found in the SmartThings app and can be accessed by any android phone. For a quick introduction, the device is a type of smart assistant that controls multiple devices in the home. And the users can adjust them without any physical touch.

Smart Things capabilities

SmartThings station allows a facility to automate different aspects of their home environment, setting routines that add convenience to their day and help reduce energy waste, such as switching off lights and appliances easily. It is also capable of managing multiple devices at a time. You can control power outlets, thermostats, and lighting alternatively or simultaneously. You can also automate it by giving the preset routines, which the SmartThings mobile app can create.

SmartThings station specifications

With all the Smart Home facilities, it comes with an inbuilt powerful wireless charging pad that supports up to 15W charging. It also has a smart alert feature that informs the user’s device is fully charged, so they can easily remove their device on time and protect them from overcharging. The smatThings perfectly works with the Samsung SmartTag, which means when your personal belongings, such as wallet keys, have a Samsung SmartTag or Smart Tag+ attached, you can find them easily by double pressing the smart button, and it will find it for you.

Where can you buy this device?

According to the information, SmartThings will be available in the US and Korea. It comes in two color variants, black or white, and it is expected that it should be available in the US market from February 2023.

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