Samsung brings universal copy-paste for continuity on tablets and windows laptops

Samsung brings its new universal copy-paste feature across tablets and Windows laptops. This is an incredibly useful feature for those who have grown accustomed to using multiple devices but find themselves hindered by the lack of continuity between them. For instance, if you’re typing an article on your laptop and want to copy it over to your tablet to edit on the go, you no longer need to save it as a separate file or use complex workarounds. Instead, you can now use the universal copy-paste function and continue working seamlessly across different devices.

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Recently, Samsung updated its continuity service module. This allows for continuity on Samsung tablets and windows laptops. Such as opening a Note from one device onto the other, universal copy-paste, keeping the same wifi networks, etc.

What is Continuity Service

Different operating systems can make it difficult to copy and paste between them, but Samsung has developed a way to make it easy to transfer text, images, and other types of data between its tablets and Windows laptops. The system is called Universal Copy-paste, and it uses a combination of the clipboard.

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